Welcome to the fef3.com web site! This site (and domain) are operated and maintained by me, Steven Engle. As I am heavily into information technologies as both my profession and as a hobby I figured I best get my own domain. As a train buff, I settled on the fef3.com domain name. I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma. I am a member of the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS), Gulf Coast Chapter. I reside in Allen, Texas, a suburban community located northeast of Dallas, Texas, where I am employed by The Boeing Company as a Systems Engineer specializing in information technology, wired and wireless communications, RF systems, and unmanned systems. Given my 17 year professional association with the U.S. Space Program, I stay in close contact with the communities and organizations that surround the NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA's manned space flight center located southeast of Houston, Texas. Beyond trains, my hobbies include robotics and amateur photography.

This web site is multifaceted, with pages encompassing my profession, skills, interests, travels, and hobbies. It is updated regularly, so please revisit. I am always open to suggestions for improvement.